Learning solfeggio has never been so fun !

Become the new international Idol !

If there is a star inside you … well, then Maestro is made for you ! it’s a music game where the goal is to become … nothing less that the next international idol ! be ready to sing ! – but, without international fail 😀 – !

Ready for auditions !

To become the next famous star, you will have to pass auditions … ! Will you have the talent to impress the jury ?

A game to learn

Behind the motivation of becoming the new star, you will step into a fantastic journey of learning solfeggio – a necessary mystery behind music – in a fun, novel and engaging approach. Who said learning had to be difficult ?

Listen, sing and tap

To learn music, not just reading notes, Maestro will guide you into hearing and reaching the perfect ear, by providing exercices – oh no, rather game levels as auditions 😀 – , but also singing and rythm tapping levels. It’s all in there to become the next famous star !

Learn music like a new language

Simple as that, Maestro provides a step by step approach to learn solfeggio and music like learning a new language. Made by musicians, teachers and game designers, learning solfeggio is easy and fun !

Maestro will be out soon, be one of the first lucky muscian to become a new star !

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