"The best augmented reality movie making app"

Create stunning photos and animation movies with this animation studio in your pocket !

Puppets 2.0

With Super Toon Studio and its technology, it’s now easy, natural and fun to animate a character ! Become an actor, embody your characters and animate them with your voice, face and body! Dress up your characters with costumes you have drawn on paper!

Augmented reality

Super Toon Studio allows you to create your animations in a virtual or augmented reality ! Insert your puppets in either virtual backgrounds or real backgrounds such as your kitchen, garden, or any other place that suits best your story ! But also, you can play with friends who interact with puppets and create animations together!

Become the future famous director

With Super Toon Studio, you are free and totally immersed in the world of your film. Choose the framing of your sequences freely!

Make your animations stand out like a pro thanks to the visual effects toolbox at your disposal! blur, sepia, depth of field and more to make  cinema-like animations !

Lights, camera on ... ACTION !
It's all in the app !

Create stunning photos and animation movies with arts and magic !

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